Terry Maas – Freediver’s Recovery Vest

Terry Maas demo - Freediver's Recovery Vest Terry Maas speaking on his Freediver's Recovery Vest at Freedive ShopTerry Maas

Last Saturday, at the Freedive Shop in Sacramento, we were finally able to meet the iconic Terry Mass, world class freediver and spearfisherman.  Terry was presenting his invention of the Freedivers Recovery Vest (FRV).  The FRV is meant to save a diver from deep water blackout, shallow water blackout, or surface blackout.  It was very interesting to hear how this started as a garage project and is now an extremely high tech piece of life saving equipment. 

The FRV can be used over and over, it just needs to be refilled and packed down which takes about 5 minutes.  Therefore, you will have if for a lifetime!  Check out the video I posted that shows the FRV inflating while I’m topside. 

To find out more go to www.freedive.net

Click here to watch a 7 minute video demonstrating the FRV in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRKAlxKJBBw